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quick ship solutions

Facing a tight project timeline? We have quick ship options for your commercial furniture and textiles!

Upholstery - guaranteed shipment from NY in 2 business days, up to 60 yds

Xorel - for backed goods, 15 business days, up to 300 yds; unbacked in 2 business days, up to 300 yds

Carnegie QS 1.jpg
Carnegie QS 2.jpg

From conference, café, training tables, and screens, to power ports, panels, and accessories, several of their popular products ship in ten days or less.

MS - Quick Ship - Enwork.jpg

Select HBF products made to order in 15 business days with in-stock HBF Textiles. Includes lounge and guest seating, sofas, poufs, stools and more.

MS - Quick Ship - HBF.jpg

Non-upholstered seating ships in just 72 hours, while upholstered pieces ship in 2-3 weeks. Most of their tables can also ship within 2-3 weeks.

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