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Looking for CEU credits? Browse the CEU-accredited courses offered by our brand partners.



Can’t Hear Yourself Think? How Textiles Can Help with Acoustics

What we hear affects our subconscious, changing our moods, our behavior, and our performance. This course will teach the basic reasons of why acoustics are important, how to discuss acoustic needs with a fabricator, and how to pick textiles that will enhance acoustic and aesthetic goals.

IDCEC # 117868

Credit: 1.0
Designation: General


Healthy Walls: Choosing Sustainable Wallcovering

Learn about the sustainability facts and myths about high-performance wallcoverings and discover the critical differences that makes a wallcovering safe and responsible for people and the planet.

IDCEC # 117848

Credit: 1.0
Designation: General


PFAS “Forever” Chemicals - What Are They & How We Can Shift to a Cleaner Future

Understanding the environmental harm of PFAS allows us to see the deeper effects these chemicals have on our planet as a whole. Selecting sustainable textiles for interiors is imperative in designing a safe and mindful environment.

IDCEC # 119171

Credit: 1.0
Designation: General


A Commonsense Guide to Coated Fabrics: Vinyl, Polyurethane, Silicone and More

Not all coated upholsteries are made the same. Vinyl, polyurethane, and silicone may look the same, but dig under the surface aesthetics to find out how they differ in performance and sustainability.

IDCEC # 106990-R2

Credit: 1.0
Designation: Health, Safety, Welfare


Specifying for Drapery: Fabric to Fabrication

There are many factors that go into selecting the right window fabric and fabrication combination. Beyond selecting fabrics for aesthetics, designers will learn about fibers and content, hand and drape, code requirements and the most common fabrications for contract applications. This course will arm designers with the questions to ask, enabling them to make the optimal choice for the desired end result.

IDCEC # 106749-R2

Credit: 1.0
Designation: General



Cultivating Creativity

Developed by Keilhauer, Cultivating Creativity is an accredited CEU podcast, as part of ThinkLab’s podcast series “The Learning Objective,” the first of its kind for the architecture and design community where you can receive IDCEC/AIA CEU credit for listening on the go, presented by ThinkLab and SANDOW Design Group.

IDCEC # 117081

Credit: 0.5
Designation: General


Eight Attributes of Contract Furniture

Designed in collaboration with BIFMA and ASID, the 8 Attributes of Contract Furniture CEU course explores the key considerations that drive furniture decisions in the commercial built environment: design, quality, construction techniques along with safety, performance, wellness and sustainability considerations.

IDCEC # 108634-R2

Credit: 1.0
Designation: HSW-Sustainability



Towards American Modernism

How Modernism evolved after the Bauhaus and the way a unique American version was imported back into Europe: a study of the confluence of his education, life events and the combined impact of Ralph Rapson's work as academic and practitioner, with attention to its on-going relevance today.

IDCEC # 116116

Credit: 1.0
Designation: Health, Safety, Welfare

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